Garden of the EKO9 Trienale, Maribor, Slovenia


Maribor, Slovenia

17 May − 28 July 2024

EKO 9 Triennial of Art and Environment


I'm pleased to take part at the EKO 9 trienale with a "we resist." garden a ongoing sci_art project about the natural resistance of plants against herbicides . 
"we resist" + "I Never Promised You a Green Garden."

The Triennale EKO, established in 1980 in what was then Yugoslavia, is one of the oldest events of its kind. The EKO Triennale will be dedicated to visual arts that explore and comment on the numerous changes at the global and local levels that impact the environments in which we live and upon which we depend. We have moved the triennale out of gallery spaces and established its new location with the aim of reactivating urban areas. 

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